Bulk Novelty Toys

Novelty toys come in all shapes and sizes and are sure to put a smile of the faces of both young and old. Buying novelty toys wholesale lots is a great way to spread the cheer in the holiday seasons by filling themed gift bags, party favours, office party prizes and gifts, or just to show those around you that you are thinking of them and wanted to add a little surprise to their day.

Birthday Party Bags

Novelty bulk party favours are a great way to save money on your next child’s birthday party and are a responsible choice for cutting down on the consumption of sugar. This also takes the worry out of other dietary needs and allergies that people may have. Party favour bags traditionally have some toys but are mostly sugary treats. Why not make the fun last and consider buying bulk party favour toys such as slinky toys that the children and guests can have fun with long after the birthday cake is cut and the candles have all been blown out.


Halloween is another one of those occasions when people love to get dressed up and have some fun going door to door trick-or-treating. Don't risk being stuck with a trick because you have forgotten to pick up some candy to go in the Halloween bowl. Stock up on toys and novelty wholesale lots and be prepared in advance for minimal costs. There are plenty of themed options to choose from. Mix and match items as you please and delight the trick-or-treaters that come knocking on Halloween night. This is also a great choice if you celebrate this holiday with a Halloween party for friends and family.

Stocking Stuffers

Christmas is a time for giving and what better way to make Christmas morning special than to delight the family with overflowing stockings. Toys and hobbies in wholesale lots are a great way to share the Christmas spirit around without blowing the budget.