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Nursery Cot Quilts and Coverlets

When you’re trying to keep your baby or toddler warm, nursery cot quilts and coverlets definitely keep a child cosy and comfortable during the cold weather months. With size options meant for cribs, cots, and toddler beds, you can easily find the right covering to not only keep your child warm, but to delight them with characters and styles that they love best.


Made small for infant cribs and toddler beds, the right quilt might be homemade. Or, it might be a warm representation of your child’s favourite movie or television character. Quilts can either be light or heavy, and you could easily use a light nursery cot quilt in the summer months as well. Look for materials that are safe and warm against baby’s skin, such as cotton or organic cotton. When shopping child’s bedding, it’s also a good idea to make sure the materials are flame-retardant as well.


Cot nursery coverlets are very similar to quilts, but are slightly smaller. In fact, they may not even stretch the length of the crib. They’re usually soft and snuggly, and most likely have a familiar motif or character that your child favours. Coverlets are also often made of cotton or polyester. Just as with quilts, look for flame-resistant or retardant material, as it should specifically mention it on the label.


Perhaps the heaviest of all, a nursery cot comforter provides warm, cosy sleep. A comforter may or may not have designs on it - it may have a pattern, or could be plain. You may find a comforter as part of a complete bedding set, especially if you’re purchasing a set for a crib or toddler cot. A set may also include sheets and decorative pillows. Comforters are also sold separately as well, and are a great choice for the coldest months of the year.

Colour Options

There are many different colour options when it comes to your nursery quilts and coverlets, with colours meant for boys, for girls, and a plethora of options that are gender-neutral. This is particularly helpful if you are outfitting a nursery, but don’t know the gender of your child yet. Look for blue or grey for boys, pink and purple for girls, or gender-neutral colours in green, yellow, and grey.

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