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Nursery Bedding Sets

We want the very best for our babies, and especially for when it comes to their nursery bedding where they’ll spend so much of their time sleeping soundly. There are various nursery bedding sets to choose from that include everything from quilts to pillow cases, depending on how your baby sleeps most comfortably. Nursery bedding sets can be simple in design or feature adorable characters to keep your little one company while they rest, and there are countless options available to match your nursery décor.

Complete Sheet Sets

Every baby needs their own cot to sleep in, and there are complete sheet sets that can match every size and shape of cot mattress. These complete sheet sets come with various pieces and most commonly feature a fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcase designed to cover a small pillow. Some may have additional pieces in the sheet set for quilts and quilt covers, pillows and bumpers.

Quilt Sets and Blankets for Baby

For the baby who needs extra warmth, there are many choices available for quilt sets and blankets. These quilt sets have been designed to fit cot-sized bedding measurements and may come with the quilt and cover included. Some nursery bedding sets have a simple throw blanket included for a more lightweight option on warmer nights.

Cot Bumpers and Safety Protector Sets

In addition to the bedding on your baby’s cot mattress, some parents might want to invest in cot bumpers that can help protect baby’s head from the edges of the cot and prevent them from catching between the railings during sleep time. These breathable bumpers fasten to the cot and are ideal for both babies and kids to help keep them safely in the bed while protected with a soft cushion.

Designs and Styles to Suit Every Nursery

Baby bedding comes in so many different styles and with patterns, designs and colours to suit each individual baby and their nursery. Some parents might prefer a simple look with gender neutral colours of grey and white, where others will want cuddly animals and starry nights to adorn their baby’s nursery bedding sets.