Who knew that learning could be so much fun? Nurture your baby's expanding brain and growing body with a baby play rug. No matter what age they are at, baby play mats can provide hours of entertainment as well as sensory stimulation.

When you don't want your child playing on cold hardwood floors or unclean rugs, a baby play mat provides the perfect place to roll, tumble, and crawl over. Safe, simple, waterproof and portable, you no longer need to keep an eagle eye on bub's every move – they won't be going anywhere when they have a play mat to sit on!

Benefits of a baby play mat

These interactive mats are the best toy for your baby's playtime. Available in lots of different sizes, lengths and themes, you can use a play rug or gym from day one. However, babies between three to six months enjoy them the most. This is because at this age, your baby is developing hand-eye coordination.

There are many benefits to a baby play mat, with one of them being that they encourage exercise, with all of the kicking and grabbing at the mobile pieces. The softness of the mat also helps with ‘tummy time', which is where you place your baby on their stomach while awake to strengthen their head, neck, and shoulder muscles while promoting many motor skills.

Baby play mats also offer benefits in self-awareness (when there is a mirror included), visual perception, and cognitive beliefs. Not to mention there are some benefits for you – baby play rugs are easy to clean and can be thrown in with the wash.

“Take five” while you offer your tot a variety of visuals, sounds, and textures with baby educational toys and play mats for 0-12 months. Shop online on eBay for discount prices on baby bathtime toys and other fun developmental products you won't find at your local baby store.