Nursery Mattress Pads and Covers   

Crib mattresses endure a lot. Spilled bottles, drool and frequent bedwetting make it a struggle to keep the mattress dry and sanitary. Nursery mattress pads are designed to avoid all that and are convenient to use. Selecting the right one requires attention to the main features.   

What Are Baby Mattress Protectors Made Of?   

Baby mattress protectors are made of different materials, including these.   

  • 100-per cent cotton  
  • Cotton-blend 
  • Organic cotton 
  • Fleece 
  • Synthetic 
  • Vinyl   

The 100-per cert cotton nursery mattress pads and covers are often chosen as breathable, hypoallergenic materials. They absorb a lot of moisture and are cleaned easily. Organic cotton mattress pads and covers are a more luxurious version offering similar benefits, while the cotton-blend models combine their strengths with benefits of other materials.   

What Are the Benefits of Pads and Covers?   

The crib mattress cannot be placed inside the washing machine, while the pads and covers can. This keeps the crib dry, fresh and sanitary.   

Are There Disposable Cot Mattress Protectors?   

Disposable mattress protectors add the convenience of a fast change. They are usually made of vinyl, which absorbs less moisture, but are as a waterproof crib pad they keep the mattress dry.