Nut & Shell Crackers


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There’s nothing quite like eating fresh nuts straight from the nutcracker. If you love cracking nuts, but you’re in need of a new cracker to help with the chore, eBay has a full range of options available that will make eating fresh nuts easier than ever.

What nuts can you crack with a nutcracker?

There are three main types of nutcracker. They can all crack a variety of nuts and they’re all portable, which makes them easy to use and store on your kitchen cart or in your cabinets

The single lever tabletop nutcracker is great if you have a bulk number of nuts you want to crack. They’re strong and durable and you can adjust the size to suit the nut. You place them on your countertop and press a lever down to activate the nut cracking mechanism.

The turn-screw nutcracker is easy to use for anyone, with a turning wheel that you can use to crack your nuts. These are not great for tough shells but are ideal if you don’t have a lot of arm strength and still want to enjoy fresh nuts. 

Plier style nutcrackers are the most common types and essentially have two handles, with teeth and jaws in the middle. You place the nut in between and squeeze the handles shut to crack the nut. 

These are all ideal for cracking:

  • Almonds
  • Pecans
  • Brazil nuts
  • Walnuts 

What about macadamia nuts? You’ll probably find most of these options aren’t tough enough for macadamias. Instead, this is where your hammer might come in handy.

How to choose a nutcracker

With so many different prices and styles available, the nutcracker you choose really depends on your personal preference. The three types mentioned above can be found online, so you might like to check the separate product descriptions to see their suitability for your purpose.

Check out the bestselling range on eBay to find great deals that other buyers are picking up this week, or you can use the filters to find the material, brand or colour that suits your requirements. You can also shop the Top Rated to see what is receiving 5 Stars from reviewers. This is a great way to get quality nut crackers at a great price.