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Make Snack Time Special With Nutella

Nutella is a delicious and creamy hazelnut spread. With rich flavour undertones that make you want just a little bit more, it's a great treat. Individuals worldwide have found a variety of interesting ways to use it outside of its traditional intention. Some professional pastry chefs use it in baking. Recipes online teach you how to make Nutella coffee creamer. With so many different ways to eat it, it's no wonder it's a favourite for so many people.

Does Nutella have any allergens?

Due to the nature of this particular spread, it does contain several allergens. The label specifies that it may contain hazelnut, milk, and soy. At this time, Ferrero does not have a product that doesn't have these ingredients. If you have concerns about other potential allergies, the company's website has a list of all the ingredients they use in their products.

Can Nutella be purchased in bulk?

When making large quantities of hazelnut-spread-inspired creations, you may find that a 1kg jar does not cut it. Thankfully, ordering Nutella in bulk is relatively simple. Commercial jars are currently available at a 3kg size. Additionally, their standard size jars can be purchased in bulk as well. Moreover, you can also purchase their miniature jars in large quantities, too. With this many options, you'll easily be able to find a bulk buy option that works for you.

What packaging does Nutella come in?

There are a variety of different packaging types, depending specifically on what you are purchasing. Most commonly, Nutella comes in a 1kg jar. However, you may also purchase a bulk jar that is 3kg. There are also mini jars available, which are 25g each. Each of these may be purchased individually, as multipacks, or in bulk, dependent upon your personal needs.

What other products are available?

Ferrero currently has many products available outside of the 1kg standard jar. Most notable is the brand's line of snack packs. Small and portable, these packages provide you with both biscuits to dip and Nutella. This is a great solution for on the go snacking. Additionally, other snack items such as their B-Ready biscuits are available for purchase. Other items available include piping bags. These bags are often reusable and are perfect for those who use the spread in baking. With easy-pour spouts, they make it simple for individuals to use the spread for decorative purposes.

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