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eBay also stocks Nutella snack packs including Nutella with breadsticks for dipping as well as mini Nutella packets complete with mini spatulas so you can treat yourself to a Nutella snack on the go. These snack packs are also perfect for kids lunchboxes and sure to brighten any school day. 

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You'll also find fun Nutella merchandise here on eBay, like personalised Nutella labels for creating unique Nutella jars just for fun or to give as gifts, and Nutella piping bags so you can fill cupcakes and other treats with your favourite chocolate hazelnut-y spread without any mess or hassle. And if you're feeling nostalgic, you might even find a retro Looney Toons Nutella jar to add to your collection. 

Plus, with Express Shipping options available on many Nutella products, eBay means you don't have to wait long to fuel your Nutella addiction.