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OKI Toner Cartridges

OKI Data Toner Cartridges

When it comes to printer consumables, its always a good idea to purchase and use OEM equipment. OKI Data produce printer toner cartridges for all of their past and current printer models. Using original OKI Data toner cartridges helps your OKI Data printer work at peak performance and lowers the chance of equipment malfunction.

Cartridge Condition

OKI Data toner cartridges can be found as new, used and refurbished. OKI Data advises against using any refurbished consumables, as independent testing has shown that it negatively affects the print quality. However, purchasing a used cartradge, especially a used OKI laser toner cartridge could be a good deal. Laser printers can get a lot of copies from a single toner cartridge, so a slightly used one should still be able to produce good print volume.

OKI Toner Cartridge Sets

OKI Data offers toner cartridge sets for those who wish to buy in bulk and save more. Most common sets include the four colour individual cartridges for printers that use a separate cartridge for every base colour. Buying a cyan, magenta, yellow and black cartridge at the same time might be counterintuitive if you just need one of them, but toner colour does not age and you will eventually need to change the rest as well.

Printer Model and Colour Code

Tracking down and buying an individual OKI Data toner cartridge is also simple. Toners have separate codes from the printers but all of them contain a printer compatibility list. Additionally, each toner cartridge is marked with BK for black, C for cyan, M for magenta or Y for yellow, so if you need an OKI Data yellow toner cartridge all you need to do is enter the printer model and look for Y-marked cartridges.

Two Piece Consumables

Some OKI printers use a two piece consumable consisted of a toner cartridge and a printing drum. Drums are also replaceable, but a single drum can be used for more than one cartridge. Consider replacing the drum if you notice that your printer does not apply colour properly with a newly placed cartridge. If you know that a drum needs to be replaced prior to purchasing a new cartridge, you can buy a drum and toner pack and save some money.