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OLED Televisions

Take viewing to the next level when you switch your LED televisions to OLED (organic light-emitting diode) televisions. Made with more enhanced LED technology, OLED televisions offer more vibrant colours than traditional LED or LCD sets. Most options also feature a high-resolution 4K screen, which means even more clarity. TVs are thin and sleek in design, and with an improved interface and features, the sets are responsive and user-friendly.

Smart Sets

Bluetooth OLED televisions connect to the Internet to let you stream content, music, and videos. These Smart TVs are deluxe OLED TVs with downloadable apps that let you connect to Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube seamlessly. Extend beyond traditional TV by syncing your set with the Internet to give you even more options when it comes to content. User-friendly and responsive, its easy to use pre-installed apps or find new ones to download and enjoy a wide variety of movies or music made even better by the clarity of your OLED set and Dolby sound system.

The Size of It

Like other televisions, OLED sets come in different sizes and even shapes. These high-clarity sets look better big, so consider investing in a 55-inch set on the small end up to a 77-inch on the larger end. Though flat screens are what most of us are used to, youll notice that some of the newer sets have a slightly curved shape. Curved TVs give you a more immersive experience by providing more depth, and allowing a wider field of vision.

Now Featuring

OLED TVs dont have to be Smart TVs to offer up multiple features. With 4K high-definition viewing, you wont get a better picture on any other type of television. Meant to replicate a cinema experience, OLED designs are also lighter in weight than other sets, making the slim, thin styles easy to mount on the wall. These sets look practically flat when wall-mounted. Dolby sound is immersive and realistic, and options like Dolby Vision make each scene of every TV show stand out with surprising detail.

The Next Dimension

Love the experience of watching a 3D movie from home? OLED sets equipped with 3D technology provide a passive 3D viewing experience made more exciting when you wear provided 3D glasses. The TVs provide real-time 3D conversion for optimal viewing, and along with the colourful details the set has to offer, the 3D aspect simply adds even more realism to the experience.