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OMEGA Pocket Watches

As the epitome of Swiss quality craftsmanship, OMEGA enjoys more than 114 years of producing impeccable timepieces that have graced the pockets of great men in history. Buzz Aldrin, George Clooney, John F. Kennedy, and Prince William are just a few who swear by the quality of the brand, and the reason why they place their confidence in these accessories is evident in the enduring high quality of the brand’s antique pocket watches.


The earliest pocket watches produced by the OMEGA founders dates to 1893. It was the Louis Brandt & Frère carillon minute repeating pocket watch, whose repeating system was granted a Swiss patent and is still in use by many modern watchmakers. Other antiques include the Cupid and Psyche pocket watch from 1906; it was made with pristine 18K gold and enamel. The scene is painted in enamel and depicts cupid flying over a supine Psyche. Many OMEGA antique pocket watches on the market today are usually military issue from various European origins. One example is a sterling silver OMEGA pocket watch with a face of complete Roman numerals and a lid with an intricate knurled pattern that carries over to the rear of the watch case.


OMEGA modern pocket watches take the form of wristwatches. These are extremely convenient because you always have access to the time, and the variations in watch design and strap material choices make them easily configurable according to your personal taste.

For Him

The OMEGA De Ville Prestige co-axial chronometer is a subtle but extremely elegant men’s watch for business or smart casual attires. It has a black glossy leather strap that pairs well with the black watch face and contrasts strikingly with the silver case.

For Her

The OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M co-axial chronometer is a mouthful, but such an elaborate name is fitting for the stylish ladylike design that’s both eye-catching and enamouring. Consisting of a white base colour with rose gold accents, the watch’s pristine white leather strap goes strikingly well with the silver case, white ring, and matte white watch face. Metallic rose gold detailing gives it a sophisticated contrast fit for the discerning woman.