O'Neill Surfing Wetsuits


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O'Neill Surfing Wetsuits

If you are embarking on a water adventure sometime soon, having a wetsuit packed in your bag can be particularly useful. O'Neill has long been a brand known for their reliability when it comes to gear and clothing that is well suited for beach and water activities, and the same goes for the brand's wetsuits, particularly surfing wetsuits. There are just a handful of factors to consider before purchasing, and then you will be headed to the beach in no time.

Wetsuit Lengths

Not all wetsuits are created equal. There are some slight and major differences in O'Neill wetsuits that are important to keep in mind, particularly with their length. The most common lengths are short and full-length. Short wetsuits typically crop at the elbows and knees, providing a smaller amount of body coverage. Full length ones provide complete coverage over the arms, knees and neck and sometimes may even have a hood. Foot coverage is available in some wetsuits as well.

Wetsuit Thickness

Of all O'Neill surfing clothing, the thickness of a surfing wetsuit matters greatly. This is because particular thicknesses are not only preferred for certain types of climates, but even necessary as well. The colder the climate you are surfing in, the thicker your wetsuit should be. O'Neill wetsuits typically start at 2 millimitres of thickness, and can go all the way up to what is known as a 5/4 millimitre thickness. So if you are surfing during, say, the summer, you will want to opt for a lighter suit, whereas for winter surfing, a 4/3 or even 5/4 suit will be desirable.

Women's and Men's Wetsuit

There are a few differences between women's and men's wetsuits. The most important one comes down to sizing, as the size ranges for men's and women's wetsuits can vary relatively greatly. The sizing is based on height, body weight and distribution, so you will want to take all of these factors into consideration when choosing your size. Children's wetsuits, however, are typically unisex.

Other O'Neill Surfing Goods

As a surfing brand, O'Neill also creates a wide range of other goods that are ideal for both beginning and advanced surfers. Rashguards are a step down from wetsuits, while vests, boots and gloves are all options for your surfing adventure as well.