If the camera is the most important feature of your phone, then you should be considering OPPO 

OPPO have always been at the forefront of manufacturing camera phones and innovating mobile photography technology. They were the first brand to launch 5MP and 16MP front cameras on smartphones and the first to introduce the motorized rotating camera, 5x Dual Camera Zoom technology, and the Ultra HD feature. Ranked as the fourth best smartphone brand globally OPPO is the phone for those who love taking amazing pictures. 

Oppo mobile phones are available on eBay in a range of sizes, from 16gb to 256gb, with various styles and colours. OPPO smartphones offer features such as powerful night shot settings, F1.5/F2.4 smart aperture cameras, and OIS optical stabilisers. They include an AI Ultra-clear Engine meaning one button will easily set your frame in any kind of light. 

Purchase a range of OPPO factory unlocked phones from eBay and take advantage of the AI-enhanced camera to help you capture the real beauty of your photos. OPPO, in conjunction with Sony, customised a flagship sensor called the IMX519 which has a sizeable photosensitive area and powerful processing capabilities to make your portraits stand out. You will also enjoy the unique 3D lighting technique that OPPO created for artistic portraits to create a genuinely compelling shot. OPPO camera phones can also identify up to 120 scenes to identify the environment and adjust lighting and contrast like a built in technique consultant. 

If you are passionate about photography, OPPO will change your world by giving you one of the finest camera smartphones available. Step your photography game up with an OPPO in your pocket.