Oak Bedside Tables

Oak bedside tables are very functional. They let people keep all their necessities within close range, which makes these tables ideal for alarm clocks, lamps, books and many other types of essentials. From handmade oak bedside tables to those from the most popular brands, there are a variety of options on the market to meet any bedroom furnishing need.

Oak Bedside Table Styles

When it comes time to shop for oak bedside tables, consumers have a wide range of styles to explore. There are many modern and contemporary styles on the market that can blend in well with existing bedroom furnishings. People who have vintage or antique themes can also find a variety of high-quality tables that match or blend in well with other vintage or antique bedroom furnishings. French country, Scandinavian, rustic, cottage and traditional bedside tables are just a few other styles that consumers can find to spruce up bedroom decor.

Oak Bedside Table Features

In addition to being a resting place for essential items, oak bedside tables also come with various features that make them more versatile. Oak bedside tables with one drawer provide a safe haven for items to rest when not in use. There are also oak bedside tables that come with two or more drawers, as well as roomy cupboards that provide additional storage solutions to minimise clutter. Many bedside tables can also include wheels, which make them easier to move when cleaning.

Oak Bedside Table Colours

Many shoppers like to take advantage of purchasing matching pair oak bedside tables to complete the look of a bedroom. Oak bedside tables come in an array of options that range from dark, medium or light wood-grain colours to those with colourful painted oak surfaces. Bedside tables in neutral colours can help keep a bedroom theme simple and easy to match to future bedroom decor choices.

Oak Bedside Table Maintenance

Oak bedside tables can include a wide array of material choices from solid wood to wood composites. Solid oak bedside tables are extremely durable and often heavy pieces of furniture. The natural wood tone looks beautiful when maintained with a light coat of wood polish. Bedside tables with oak-coloured veneers are usually less exy, lighter and can typically be cleaned with a mild detergent and a damp cloth. It is a good idea to use coasters and dry up moisture as soon as possible to prevent watermarks on the surface and warping.