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While Oakley is famous these days for its sunglasses, oddly enough, that’s not where the brand started out at all. No, when Jim Jannard started his business and named it after his dog, he was into making handlebar grips for Motocross bikes. The grips were cool and all, and they got some attention in the world of BMX riders, but it wasn’t until Jannard found himself blindsided by the sun that his brand really took off. The real problem with sunglasses, he decided, was that they were flat. If you happened to be side on to the sun, the sunglasses didn’t do much at all to keep the light from dazzling your eyes. So, he designed a pair of wraparound sunglasses that, instead of stopping where glasses of the day stopped, went around the face to protect the eyes from side on glare. And kaboom – they really took off. Unsurprisingly, really – the new design was great for people’s needs. Plus, they were a totally new look that sparked a fashion revolution in sunglasses. Everyone wanted a pair

Oakley Men's Sunglasses

You can’t go wrong with a pair of Oakley sunglasses. They look good, they keep the light out of your eyes, and what’s more, they protect your eyes from the damage the sun can cause. While wrap around sunnies are Oakley’s most iconic style, you can also find a host of other styles. Oakley also makes aviator, rectangular, round, shield, square, and Wayfarer shapes. It uses a wide range of frame materials to suit different conditions, like sporting events, saltwater and cold weather. The brand also offers various lenses for various eye needs and light conditions, with polarising and high contrast options that are ideal for Australia’s harsh summer glares. If you’re doing something particularly energetic, you can get tinted goggles, plastic frames or safety straps to keep your sunnies firmly anchored where you want them.

Oakley Women's Sunglasses

Oakley also produce a fantastic range of sunglasses for women. These are often sized a little smaller than the men’s sizes – a lot of women have narrower or smaller faces than men. Regardless of size, though, Oakley’s offerings for women offer the same style and quality as its men’s range. You’ll find the classic Oakley wrap around eye wear, as well as a big selection of lens shapes and colours. Whether you’re looking for some serious eye protection or you just want to keep the sun out of your eyes as you stroll down the street, this brand will deliver. If you have something very specific in mind, there are a range of customisation options available, with Oakley sunglass parts available here too.

Oakley Men's T-Shirts

With Oakley’s history in the Motocross world, it’s not surprising that the brand would branch out into sport and leisure wear. It makes a selection of men’s tee shirts that you can wear just hanging out or when working up a serious sweat. If you’re looking for leisure wear, Oakley’s 100% pure cotton tees are designed for comfort, with flat seams to avoid that itchy and irritating edge some tees leave you with. If, however, you’re looking for something sportier, Oakley’s Hydrolix fabric – a patented mix of synthetics and cotton – helps to keep you cool and dry while you exercise or play your heart out. If you’re a connoisseur of the brand’s clothing, you’ll be happy to know that you can often find some rarer vintage tees in the mix here too; keep your eyes open for those special finds.

Oakley Men's Shorts

Dress shorts? Leisure shorts? Lounge shorts? Sporting shorts? Board shorts? Whatever you’re after in the way of men’s shorts, Oakley has a good looking and well-made pair of shorts to answer the call. The brand produces a selection of men’s shorts every summer that are suitable for Aussie conditions. Its board shorts are probably the best known, because Oakley combines quick dry technology with four way stretch to create board shorts that are amazingly comfortable and allow a full range of motion. A lot of these also contain UPF 15 sun protection tech, giving you yet another reason to love Oakley board shorts. Oakley’s cargo shorts, on the other hand, dial down the fabric tech to deliver a pair of 100% cotton shorts that are designed both for comfort and for flattering good looks. Its leisure and dress shorts are a great choice for those seeking sturdy, relaxed quality.

Oakley Men's Coats & Jackets

It can’t always be summer – in most of Australia, at least. So, Oakley have also put together a range of men’s coats, jackets, and hoodies to keep you warm in the coldest conditions. This is where international brands can have a bit of an advantage over Aussie ones – we don’t get the extremes of cold weather like the US does. Oakley brings all the US experience with chill into creating warm outer wear that is the ideal way to warm up after a serious exercise session on a winter day. Some of its jackets and sweaters are designed for use while exercising, though, with high tech fabrics and lots of stretch to make sure that you don’t lose manoeuvrability just because you wanted to stay warm. Check out the brand’s snow gear for warmth, or if you’re looking for some fashionable cold weather gear, have a look for Oakley puffer jackets – warm, cosy, and very in.

What to buy with your Oakley sunglasses?

If the sunglasses you’re buying don’t come with a case, or only a basic case, consider protecting your new shades with a heavy duty Oakley case that will shield your sunglasses from almost any knock, fall, or shock that life can throw at them (and you). Add an active band to keep them in the right place when they’re on your head, too – like a cross between an old-fashioned glasses chain and a headband, this will stop them flying off your head.