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Ornamental octopus collectables for every room

Handcrafted glass octopus collectables are available in a wide choice of designs, and colours. The chunky figurines are made from hand blown glass that has been tinted with vibrant colours, and pattern combinations. Choose from designs that feature translucent tentacles, and spiked embellishments. Miniatures and other animal collectables can also be found on eBay.

High-quality 12cm resin octopus collector's items feature superb hand painted detail, that are very realistic. The model sea creatures are available in a selection of poses, and sizes, and can be used for display, or kid's play. Handmade pewter octopus ornaments, that are embellished with sparkling Swarovski crystals, make cracking alternative suncatchers. The high definition pewter octopus is suspended from a string of ocean coloured Swarovski octagonal crystals, and beads. Choose from a selection of colours or pick your own to match your room's décor.

Full-colour jumbo size magnets can be used to organise your notes, photos, and other items. The high-quality photo print magnets are made from transparent acrylic, and can also be personalised. Octopus and other sea life sculptures and collectables are available in a range of stylish modern designs that show off the beauty of this popular ocean creature.

Octopuses to enhance your outfits

Hand carved octopus collectables include artisan's bone carved pendants made in Bali, Indonesia. The ethically acquired buffalo bone octopus pendant is intricately detailed, and is attached to an adjustable leather cord necklace.

Australian handmade pewter octopus collectables are ornamental jewellery pieces that capture the elegant movement of the much-loved sea creature. The high definition tentacles are embellished with decorative markings. The large octopus pendant is suspended on a silver alloy finish chain.

Fun & Funky Octopus Collectables

Surprise your mates with a handful of octopus collectables. The soft and super stretchy plastic octopus model toys are designed to fit on to your fingertips. The finger toys are supplied in 6pc packs.