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Office Desks

Whether you need to outfit your business office with new office desks and other office furniture, or you’re in the process of turning your home office into a workable space, there are many options when it comes to office and reception desks. You may need several types of desks and tables for your business office, such as desks that fit well in cubicles, boardroom desks, and a reception counter. But for your home, you may opt for a simple drafting desk to help get work done. With so many varieties, there’s bound to be one that works for both spaces.

For the Office

For the office, you may want to consider desks made of strong, durable material that last for many years - and most likely, through several employees. Shop steel office desks to add a bit of modern and indutrial flair to your office space, with sensible work desks that have plenty of drawer and organisational space. Other options for your business office include chrome office desks, boardroom tables, and wooden desks.

Home Office

You may want to pay more attention to decor as you’re outfitting your home office, especially if this is a place where to plan to meet clients and vendors. For a bit of rustic flair, choose wooden desks with an included hutch. For a more modern and contemporary style, choose metal or chrome desks, or alternatively, an architect’s desk or drawing table makes a bold statement. Add matching office chairs to complete the look.

Reception Desks

If your business requires a reception area, you may want to consider investing a reception desk. This type of special desk if significantly larger than a simple office desk, providing ample room for several workstations, telephony, drawers, and a seating area. Similarly to other office desks, choose materials, colours, and styles that complement your business decor.

Other Office Furniture

When purchasing office desks and chairs, keep in mind other office furniture as you do so. For instance, you may need smaller desks to fit in cubicle spaces, or you may want to outfit each office with complementary and matching furniture. Look for similar styles in hutches, chairs, and filing cabinets to complete a look.