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Office Filing Cabinets

The perfect place to safely store files and important documents, office filing cabinets are an integral part of any work space. With an array of options available, from tall, four-drawer designs to short, two-drawer options, filing cabinets come with many features to best fit your office needs. Stay organised and keep documents accessible with streamlined cabinets.

Filing Features

Essentially, filing cabinets are drawers with plenty of space for categorising and storing folders full of papers and documents. However, there are some features to look for when you're shopping for the perfect cabinet. Some cabinets are lockable, and for secure documents, this is a necessary feature. If you need your files to be mobile, opt for a rolling cabinet. Additional options like interior shelves may also sway your decision.

Pedal to the Metal

Cabinets come in various materials, and there are a few popular options. Metal office filing cabinets are a durable option to consider. Affordable and filled with features, metal filing cabinets combine well with existing office furniture and offer a sleek and appealing aesthetic. Though most metal cabinets come in silver styles, there are other available colour options, including beige, white, blue, and red. Metal cabinets come in a range of sizes and styles.

Knock on Wood

Wood office filing cabinets look just like any other piece of furniture, and complement a wood desk and chairs quite nicely. Opt for a combination model that features shelves or a cabinet for extra storage. Choose an antique design for a charming, old-fashioned look, or a more modern, sleek style with built-in locks for protection and security.

Steel Trap

Keep private papers under lock and key with heavy-duty steel filing cabinets. Offered in many styles, from short, small systems to oversized, multiple-drawer designs, steel cabinets offer versatility. Choose from vertical or horizontal cabinets with plenty of space for documents as well as extra office supplies. Adjustable, lockable, and easy to assemble, steel drawers offer the highest level of paper protection.