Office Furniture

Whether you’re trying to outfit your home office or your business office, the type of furniture you place in your workspace can make a big difference. When you think about all of the time you spend either working at the office or at home, you want your office to be a place you feel comfortable, relaxed and content during work hours. Shop different types of office furniture to help bring productivity to your space.


Desks are often the focal point of the home or business office. You’ll want a desk that completely suits your needs. If you need accessories, files and folders consistently at your disposal, you’ll want to choose desks and home office furniture that provide you with a lot of drawer space. If you’re always on the computer, then you want to make sure that your desktop is large enough to accommodate all of your computing needs. Desks are made out of many different types of materials. Cherry wood is a popular choice for a home office, while metal office furniture is a wonderful economic choice for a business office. Look for finishes and styles that complement your existing decor.


Your chair must be comfortable, so you are able to spend many hours sitting in it without pain or strain. Look for an ergonomic design that suits your needs. Some like armrests, while others prefer an office chair without arm rests. Often, the ability to recline the chair is important. You also want a chair that offers sufficient height adjustment, so you can move it up or down.

Filing Cabinets

You may choose a desk that has filing cabinets that easily attach, or you may want to choose separate filing cabinet units. To complete or polish a look, choose a filing cabinet that has the same look or finish as your other office furniture, such as metal, cherry, white or espresso. The ability to hang folders is also a must, if you have many files to store.

Other Furniture

Storage cabinets are an important part of a business office. You’ll always want to know where accessories and business supplies are kept. You may also want to consider a hutch or extension for your home office. This type of furniture elongates your space, giving you more room to store needed files, folders or a place to display decorative objects.