Remove Your Oil Filter With An Easy To Use Oil Filter Tool

Are you a car enthusiast and enjoy tinkering with your car at home in the garage changing the oil? Or perhaps your son or daughter are just starting the mechanic apprenticeship and you are looking for a gift for them. You might consider an oil filter removal tool, to add to their essential tools. 

Whether it's your FG Falcon oil filter or another vehicle, eBay has a great range of oil filter wrench tool sets, individual oil filter remover wrench tools, oil filter wrench straps, and oil filter wrench chain grips. Whatever your preference, you will find something to suit here on eBay.

Considerations when buying oil filter removal tool

When buying an oil filter wrench, these are the types you might come across:

  • Metal band oil filter wrench: Strong metal bands connect both ends of this wrench to its handle. The band goes around the oil filter and turn the handle in an anticlockwise direction to get the oil out. 
  • Socket filter wrench: uses a plastic or metal cup - place the cap on the end of your oil filter to make it knurl.
  • Chain loop oil filter wrench set: When you put an oil filter in a loop of a chain with this wrench, it will work with the chain's loop. Then, you turn the bar in an anticlockwise direction and use an adjustable spanner or socket wrench to turn the bar further.
  • Claw wrench: has three gear-driven metal prongs, two jaw plates, and two clamping legs that hold things in place. It also has a 3/8-inch ratchet driver.
  • Strap an oil filter wrench: for big cars, like pickup trucks, SUVs, and more. 

To get the right size oil filter wrench:

  • Try out different oil filter wrenches to see which one is the best for your hands and your job.
  • If you have more than one car, you should get a universal oil filter wrench to help you change the oil.
  • Remember, adjustable wrenches can be used to remove most types of oil filters.

If you know what style oil filter wrench removal tool you are interested in, then start shopping now. Shop by single oil filter wrench or oil filter wrench sets, add one for you and one for a friend to your shopping cart and save. Grab an oil pressure gauge while you're here. Check the return policy, estimated delivery time and postage costs. Some seller's offer Afterpay as a payment option, allowing you to pay over 4 installments.