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Strong, determined and built to last – and we’re not only referring to the working-class man! Whatever type of labour you do, you need the toughest work boots to support you while you get down to business. Inspired by the ruthless Australian conditions, Oliver boots offer the best protection and support for workers who spend most of their day on their feet.

The ideal men’s work boot used in the most demanding workplace environments, Oliver boots are worn by firefighters, emergency service workers, and those whose occupation is in the mining, petrochemical and smelting industries. Oliver boots are your secret weapon for when you need to get the job done.

What conditions will I need to wear work boots?

In addition to government regulations demanding all staff to wear the correct footwear when working, there are many different types of challenging environments in which a pair of Oliver boots are necessary.

First, the dual density rubber sole is essential in a firefighter’s line of work. Made from fire-retardant and water resistant leathers, it also features fireproof laces and quick-release zip closures for quick entry and release. The Oliver boot also offers a COMFORTcushion Impact Absorption System to protect the heel and provide cushioning when coming into rough contact with any surfaces.

For the work sites in building, construction, mining and other outdoor environments, Oliver’s All Terrain footwear is perfect for the job. Featuring a high-impact alloy type 1 protective toe cap, your toes will avoid being crushed from hard falling objects or won’t be penetrated by nails in the ground.

In those cases where the black elastic-sided boot can’t withstand the pressures of hard labour, buy comfortable and reliable Oliver boots. Prevention is better than cure so get the extra layer of defense you need. Buy men and women’s work safety boots online on eBay and protect yourself from common workplace accidents and mishaps.