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Oliver have been a trusted producer of work boots and work shoes for generations. They've been going for well over a century now, and these folks know something about how to construct footwear that's safe, comfortable, and non-slip in the harshest of work conditions.

Steel toe caps

There are lots of work environments that require steel capped boots. Oliver does a great range of these and steel toed shoes, in traditional lace up and elastic slip on styles. Colours typically range from tan to black, but you will occasionally find some unusual brighter colours slipping into the mix.

Boot and shoe laces

Work environments can be tough on laces, and you really don't want one giving out on you halfway through your day. Grab a selection while you're picking up your boots, so you'll always have spares on hand. Look for heavy duty laces made from nylon or Kevlar. Make sure they're long enough, but not too long; boot laces that are too long can be a hazard on a work site. A very general rule is to look at the number of pairs of eyelets on the boots and multiply by 20cm; this doesn't always work, but it's handy as a rough guide.

Executive safety shoes

For those who won't be on site often, but need good foot protection when they do, Oliver have created a range of executive safety shoes. These look like regular dress shoes that you'd wear with a business suit, but have the protection required to traverse a work site safely and with ease.

Work socks

A lot of guys like wool blend socks under their work boots. These tend to combine the best of both worlds by providing some breathability while wicking away some sweat. An alternative is socks made from fully synthetic fibres; they tend to be hotter to wear but wick moisture more effectively.