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Opteka Fisheye Lens for Canon Camera

Opteka Fisheye Lenses for Canon Cameras

Photographic accessory company Opteka produces a wide range of compatible lenses and other gear for Canon cameras. This includes fisheye lenses, which are often enjoyed by photographers because of their unique distortion effect.

Fisheye Camera Lenses

The fisheye lens is a specialised camera lens with a number of niche applications. The extremely wide angle produces a unique curved distortion effect. There are two major types. Circular fisheye lenses capture a full 180-degree view, producing a circular image. Full-frame fisheye lenses use less extreme curvature to deliver an image that is still rectangular. Fisheye lenses were initially developed for meteorological use, and are also popular for underwater photography. Their extremely close focus distance also makes them useful for some kinds of macro photography. However, today they are primarily used as a fun effect.

Opteka Fisheye Lenses

Opteka fisheye lenses are available for a wide variety of digital cameras, including Canon’s EOS family. The current generation Opteka fisheye lens is designed for APS-C sensor cameras, which includes all Canon mirrorless and most Canon DSLR cameras. It features an ultra-wide 6.5mm focal length, a maximum aperture of f/3.5 and offers an impressive 12-inch minimum focusing distance for close-up photography. It also comes with a multi-layered, anti-glare coating as well as a removable hood. The Opteka fisheye lens is a circular lens, meaning that it will produce a 180-degree circular image with black borders.

Opteka Fisheye Converters

As well as their complete fisheye lens, Opteka also manufactures fisheye converters for various camera makes including Canon. A fisheye converter attaches to an existing lens to widen its angle and deliver a fisheye effect. Specialised lenses like the fisheye tend to be quite far down a photographer’s priority list, and so a fisheye converter can be a good option as it provides fisheye effects without having to invest in lens with niche applications. Like teleconverters, fisheye converters are rated by their multiplier. This is the amount by which they modify the effective focal length of the lens to which they are attached. For example, a 50mm lens fitted with a 0.2x fisheye converter will have an effective focal length of 10mm.

Other Opteka Lenses and Converters

Fisheyes are not the only Opteka lenses for Canon cameras. The company also produces a wide range of aftermarket lenses and lens converters for popular camera bodies. These include Opteka telephoto lenses for Canon cameras as well as teleconverters and macro extension tubes. Opteka also produces many other lens accessories such as filters, hoods and caps.