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Optima Deep Cycles Batteries

Genuine Deep Cycle Optima Batteries

Optima provides the most elite performance for auto professionals and enthusiasts alike. These batteries surpass their competitors with over 15 times more vibration resistance and cycle life! Whether you choose a; Yellow Top Battery, a Blue Top Marine Battery or a Red Top Starting Battery from Optima, you will be impressed by the starting power, battery life, running time, shelf life and all this whilst being maintenance free and safe!

Handles the Heat No matter the weather, these batteries can handle high temperatures as well as below freezing, these robust batteries can handle severe shock and vibration, the components of the battery are all so tightly compressed into a cell tube meaning that they are incredibly well protected compared to other Deep Cycle Batteries . So, if you find yourself in a tough condition, dont worry, the Optima Battery can handle the heat. Whether you want to use your battery for snowmobiles, racing vehicles, emergency vehicles, vintage and classic vehicles, commercial and pleasure marine vehicles, the option is yours!

Yellow Top Batteries

A high performance AGM automotive battery with dual purpose capabilities is guaranteed to perform above your expectations every-time. This heavy duty battery is perfect to run modern accessory filled vehicles, no matter where lifes journey takes you. Red Top Batteries

Ideal for tracks, SUVs, hot rods amongst others. Through using its unique spiral cell design ensures that the Optima Battery stays safe, recharges very quickly and has low internal resistance. This type of spiral cell design also gives your battery increased cycle life compared to traditional batteries. If you are going on tough four wheel drive outback mission, these red top batteries perform outstandingly, in tough situations they can be relied upon to do the job.

Blue Top Batteries A marine battery is being used constantly, the cycling power to run the accessories on board your boat, in addition to consistently starting your engine, thanks to this high performance AGM battery, the spill proof and world renown vibration resistance can ensure that all you have to do is enjoy your day on the water.