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Optoma Video Projector Lamps and Bulbs

Create your own movie theatre at home with Optoma

Video projectors are an easy way to turn your home into your very own movie studio or provide business meetings with a way to share your presentations with colleagues. Video projectors work by using a mirror and light system within their console whilst connecting to your device using Bluetooth, HDMI cord or other AV connection types. The display on your device’s screen will then be projected in large scale either onto a wall or projector board.

Optoma produces high-quality video projectors worldwide from New Taipei City in Taiwan, and their product range includes replacement video projector lamps and bulbs for all of their projectors. Pairing up your make and model of Optoma projector to the bulb or lamp is an easy way to prolong the life of your device. eBay can help you do all that with our collection of Optoma video projector lamps and bulbs.

Replacement Optoma video projector lamps

Repeated use of video projectors can lead to components wearing out, especially the lamp or bulb. Without these, your video projector will not be able to work correctly. Replacing the Optoma lamp or bulb within your projector will ensure the longevity of the machine. Just like a lamp in your house, the lamps can run a bulb for around 1000 to 2000 hours before they need replacements. As a lamp nears the end of it’s lifespan, it may continue to run the video projector bulb at a much more dimmed capacity.

Replacement Optoma video projector bulbs online

Optoma video projector bulbs are held by the lamp just as a household lamp would. Projector bulbs need to be routinely replaced once they are damaged, broken or reach the end of their life. Different sizes, series and shaped bulbs are all available depending on your video projectors needs.

Multi-projector compatible

Optoma replacement bulbs and lamps are compatible with a variety of different Optoma video projectors, making repairing and updating your current system easier than ever. Just make sure you buy the equipment that suits your device.

Keep the lights shining and projecting brightly with Optoma video projector lamps and bulbs from eBay.