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Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes help many people achieve a level of dental cleanliness that is hard to reach with a manual toothbrush. Oral-B electric toothbrushes are some of the most popular oral care products on the market for helping people get a better dental care user experience. Knowing more about the top models helps people choose a toothbrush that gives them the best dental hygiene experience possible.

Oral-B Rechargeable Electric Toothbrushes

Rechargeable electric toothbrushes are powerful dental hygiene tools, especially if you are using an Oral-B rechargeable electric toothbrush, like the Genius Pro 8000. The Oral-B Genius Pro Series contains some of the most innovative electric toothbrushes available because they offer users advanced features that give them not only a great clean, but real-time feedback. The Genius Pro 8000 has a wealth of amazing tools that include a position detection feature that lets users know if they are following recommended dental brushing techniques.

Oral-B Battery-Powered Electric Toothbrushes

People that travel a lot and who enjoy Oral-B electric toothbrushes often find that having an Oral-B battery-powered electric toothbrush is essential. The Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Battery Toothbrush offers astounding plaque control for the teeth and gums in a way that does not cause sensitivity. Having a spare set of batteries means that you never have to miss any of the amazing qualities this toothbrush has to offer.

Oral-B Whitening Toothbrushes

Having teeth that sparkle and shine is a sign of healthy teeth. Keeping up good oral hygiene with a toothbrush like the Oral-B whitening toothbrush helps keep teeth both clean and strong. This battery-powered toothbrush offers 14,000 strokes per minute to help polish away stains for teeth that are naturally white.

Oral-B Pressure Sensitivity Toothbrushes

Oral-B understands that you do not need to apply a lot of pressure to achieve a superior dental cleaning. The Oral-B Pro 1000 Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush offers 3D cleaning features that break up and remove plaque 300 per cent more efficiently than a manual toothbrush, without unnecessary pressure to make gums and teeth sensitive. There are a wide variety of Oral-B electric toothbrushes available to meet any of your, or your family's, needs.