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Orange Cabinet Guitar Amplifiers

Orange has been producing guitar amplifiers since 1968. Their bright orange cabinets are instantly recognisable and have been used by some of the world’s most famous rock and metal guitarists and bassists, including Jimmy Page.

Cabinet Amplifiers

Orange speaker cabinet amplifiers, like other speaker cabinets, work as one half of a two-part amplification system alongside an amplifier head. You plug your guitar into the amplifier head which then boosts the electric signals from the guitar pickups enough to drive the speaker. Almost all modern amplifiers will add distortion as well as volume, alter the tone of the sound produced and possibly even add effects such as reverb. Cabinet guitar amplifiers are typically used for concert playing, as they tend to be larger and louder than combo amps. However, they also have unique tonal properties, and some companies have produced miniature speaker cabs and lower-powered amplifier heads to provide that sound without rattling the walls. The Orange Micro Terror is a very good example.

Orange Cabinets

Speaker cabinets are generally referred to with notification such as 2x12, where the first number is the number of speakers in the cabinet while the second number is the diameter of the speaker in inches. Orange’s guitar speaker cabinets range in size from a lunchbox-sized 1x8-inch to a full-sized 4x12-inch. As well as varying in size, speaker cabinets also vary in their construction. One of the most significant design elements is whether the back of the cabinet is open or closed. Closed cabinets direct more sound forward and tend to increase midrange and low-end volume, while open cabinets preserve the original tone of the guitar more accurately and create a more open sound.

Orange Heads

The amplifier head is the brains to the cabinet’s brawn. Orange’s guitar amplifier heads range in size and power from Orange 1-channel guitar amplifiers like the lightweight Micro Terror to the aggressively high-gain Dual Dark 100. Orange produces both valve and solid state guitar amplifiers as well as hybrids like the Micro Dark that combine a valve preamp with solid state output. When choosing a head for your speaker cabinet, make sure that the ohm numbers match. If attaching a head to a single speaker cabinet, they should be the same. Failure to match resistances can damage your amplifier.

Combo Amps

If cabinet guitar amplifiers sound like too much trouble, Orange also produces a range of combo amplifiers. Like their speakers and amplifier heads, these vary greatly in terms of size and power, from the tiny Micro Crush to the heavyweight CR120C Crush Pro Combo.

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