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Orbit Garden Watering Tap/Hose Timers

Orbit Garden Watering Taps and Hose and Timer

Orbit garden watering taps and hose timers make gardening and landscaping a breeze. Whether you are watering your newly installed sod patch or your begonias, Orbit garden watering equipment will come in handy. Let the timers take care of the watering while you do other things, knowing that your garden is getting all the tender loving care it requires to thrive. There is no need to wait around for the system to finish––just set it and go.

Reputable Brand

The company is committed to providing quality watering taps and watering timer controllers to get the job done right the first time. Orbit is particularly well known for their innovative and durable gardening products for both home and business situations. Whether they run on batteries or solar power, Orbit has a wide range of systems to suit your premises.

Easily Programmable

You can program your sprinkler to water your garden or lawn in your absence. Orbit garden watering taps, hose timers and automatic yard watering kits are easy to install and enable you to stick to your watering schedule. With special features such as rain delays and manual hand watering, you can ensure that your garden is receiving only the water it needs. You can even set the timer to water your garden while you are at work, out of town and your neighbours won’t be any the wiser.

Water Restrictions

In times of drought and tough water restrictions, Orbit can help you ensure your garden and lawn is looking its best. With enforced restrictions operating in many Australian towns and states, it is important that your garden bed is watered only during the allotted times to avoid harsh penalties and fines.

Water Conservation

Water-efficient sprinkler systems will help you lower your water consumption. No more forgetting to turn the tap off when you can just set the timer to do the remembering for you. Forget the flooded patches, over watering or excess water usage; when the time is up, the system will automatically turn the water off. Opting for garden watering taps and hose timers will enable you to save money on your water bills and conserve water.