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Orbit Garden Watering Timers and Controllers

Keeping your lawn well-irrigated isn’t as simple as just spraying it with water now and then. Especially during the hot summer months, the best time to water the lawn is late at night, after the sun has gone down. That way the water has a chance to seep into the soil before it’s evaporated. On top of that, droplets of water on the blades of grass can act like a magnifier to the sun’s light, damaging the grass. This is where Orbit garden watering controllers and timers come in. These nifty devices let you control when and where your irrigation turns on. The simpler models are plainly an adapter that goes between the tap and the hose, but more advanced models will have remotes or Wi-Fi interfaces for even easier use.

Controlling Time

An Orbit garden sprinkler controller will not only let you control when the sprinkler is going and when it’s turned off, it will also let you pre-program how much water is used multiple times a day. Sometimes you need to water your lawn a lot, but simply programming one setting risks drowning the grass. For those cases, you can programme the controller to output multiple times a night in order to stagger your watering, or you can get it to lower the pressure. Keep in mind though that lowering the pressure won’t just reduce output, it will also reduce how far the sprinkler goes and you might end up missing some corners.


Of course, not everyone has a large lawn that needs staggered watering, and if that’s you then you just need to get a simple Orbit hose timer. Even Orbit’s timers come with something extra though, as many of them feature multiple outlets, letting you decide when what part of the garden is getting watered. You can also water more than one area of lawn without having to go out and move it.

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