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From Classic to Electric, We have Organs For All Occasions

The organ is known for being one of the most classical and prestigious instruments out there. It doesn't matter whether you're a budding beginner or whether you're an expert looking to tickle the old ivories again because there are hundreds of models to choose from. This includes Yamaha, Hammond, Lowrey, Kawai and more.

Electronic Organ

With an analogue electronic organ, the sound is produced by the tone wheel. When you play an electronic organ, you'll find that the sound is not at all similar to a pipe organ. However, the models are so compact that they can fit into smaller spaces with ease. Analogue electric organs are ideal for those who are learning to play the organ for the first time, or for experts who want an instrument that doesn't take up a lot of room.

Pipe Organ

The pipe organ is a brilliant, rich sounding instrument with plenty of bass and body. It offers a much superior sound when compared to most organs and the lifespan tends to be much longer as well due to the quality materials that are used. Pipe organs do tend to need tuning quite often and this is usually done by a call-out professional.

Reed Organs

Reed organs were very popular way before electronic organs appeared. They are often referred to as being harmoniums and the reeds that are built into the organ are used in a very similar way to the reeds that are in accordions. Reeds are ideal for those who want to learn how to play but not on a daily basis, thanks to the novelty of them.

Digital Organ

The digital organ runs solely on electricity, and it has the ability to incorporate computer technology. A digital organ can usually be connected to a computer which gives the pianist the chance to create a huge range of sounds that would otherwise be unavailable. MIDI connections prove to be very popular with digital organs.