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Organza Bag

Organza Bag

Organza bags are reusable, sheer bags that make for pretty gift wrapping. These bags have a drawstring enclosure and are typically flat, envelope-style. More often than not, these bags are small because they are presenting something dainty like jewellery or sweets. They are a type of bulk bag and offer a presentation that elevates ones impression of the product or gift, so people often use them in gift giving and packaging after purchase. It is an alternative to paper gift bags and shop gift boxes.


Organza is a sheer, lightweight material, usually silk, but many also make them from synthetic materials, like polyester. Organza appears in many womens formal dresses. Since it is sheer, there is often an opaque lining. Most organza bags use synthetic materials, but more expensive silk options are available and may dress up a gift more. The drawstring is usually a satin material but can be other materials. It is usually in a thin ribbon form.


Most organza bags are envelope style, and small to boot. However, there are some bags with flat bottoms or pointed bottoms. Flat bottom styles hold something that stands upright, and pointed bottoms can be for candies or anything that would fit into a cone shape.


Use organza bags for any occasion that reusable bags are a common choice. However, due to their colour, material, size and our own experiences of where we see these bags, they are less likely to come up in a grocery store for bulk foods situation and more likely to appear in gift presentation. Small organza bags often hold jewellery and jewellery boxes, while larger gift bags sometimes contain wine or gift baskets. You can use them for baby showers, wedding favours, gift giving and buying and selling goods.


Organza bags elevate the product. For retailers, this can improve peoples perception of their products. It is also a practical means through which people can keep goods together, for gifts with many pieces like sweets. You can also use them to keep pieces or apart, for necklaces and rings so you do not lose them or tangle them with other necklaces. They are also a way that people can easily wrap presents. Simply drop your gift into the bag, pull the drawstring, and tie a bow.