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Oricom Cordless Home Telephone

Cordless home telephones were once part and parcel of every home. However, the advent of mobile phones reduced the usage of cordless phones. Even though mobile phones are now in much wider use, several home units and offices still prefer the usage of cordless telephones, as they give a single unit number and identity to the home or office. Moreover, cordless telephones also provide the utility of attaching various headsets to a single device and number, making its usage extremely easy when arranging communication with various parties at a single point. Oricom is synonymous with quality communication devices, and they have several models of cordless home telephones in their diverse product portfolio.

Oricom and Their Product Range

Oricom are world leaders in phone technology and are the pioneers of telecommunications innovation. Their phones come in various configurations and settings, and they have various models and features uniquely designed for home and office purposes. Their products are widely available with Oricom dealers and other telecommunication devices dealers worldwide. Online retailers have also started stocking Oricom phones due to their good quality and high demand in the market.

Oricom Cordless Home Telephone

Oricom cordless home telephones come with a plethora of options, which make them very entertaining yet easy to use. Cordless home phones and answering machines are available with one unit, as well as the option to attach 3-6 headsets to the base machine. They also provide the option to transfer calls between various headsets seamlessly. Caller IDs are also available and perusal of call histories is also easy. You can also customise tones and messages on each base device and headset as you please.

Need for Oricom Cordless Home Telephone

The Oricom cordless phones are ideal for homes with elderly persons and visually impaired people. They are also perfect choice for people with large families and houses who want to connect various units of their house through a single communicative device.

Taking care of Oricom Cordless Home Telephone

To ensure that your Oricom cordless device lasts a long time in your home, make sure that you keep it at a dry and safe place out of reach of children and pets. Also, make sure that you clean the device on at least a monthly basis so that dust particles do not get stuck in the buttons and connection points of the device.

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