Oricom UHF Radio Equipment

UHF radio is very popular throughout Australia, in part because of its use for Citizen Band radios. Most other countries only use the 27 MHz AM band for CB Radio, but Australia pioneered the use of 477 MHz UHF bands for CB, and people all over the country communicate with Oricom UHF radio.

What UHF Equipment Does Oricom Make?

Oricom produces a wide range of portable and fixed mount UHF radio equipment:

  • Fixed Mount: Both regular and premium fixed mount Oricom CB radios provide full coverage of Australia's UHF CB bands for reliable communications when you need it the most.
  • Hand Held: An Oricom Walkie-talkie gives you the portability you need without losing the flexibility of radio communications.
  • Antennas: A signal is only as good as the antenna, and to get the most out of your Oricom UHF CB radio you want an Oricom antenna that's tuned to it.

Advantages of UHF Radio.

The biggest advantage of UHF radio is clarity. It's not subject to the same kind of interference as AM CB radios, so it's easier to hear the person you're talking to, though it is limited to line of sight unless you use a repeater.