Orthopedic Products and Supports

For many people, orthopedic products are a necessary part of their daily lives. Usage can run the spectrum from placing insoles in your shoes to cushion and support fallen arches, to wearing a stabilising neck brace after a car crash. These medical devices can be purchased without a doctors note and can do much to relieve pain and provide essential support; however, its always advisable to learn a bit about orthotics before making a purchase to ensure you make the best use of them.

How Can an Orthopedic Support Help Me?

Orthopedic products are designed to make daily activities and sports easier to do by providing support for a specific part of the body. This can help to reduce pain, prevent further injury, encourage healing, and encourage users to remain in the proper posture. Generally, there are many ways that an orthopedic support can help you remain in good health.

Do Orthopedic Products Come in Different Sizes?

Yes, many orthotics are manufactured in varied sizes to ensure a snug but comfortable fit for users. It is important to find out how your particular support is sized and how to take measurements for the device before ordering. For instance, knee braces are sized according to the circumference of the widest part of your knee. Get an accurate measurement for a knee brace by wrapping a tape measure snugly around this area of your knee and recording the circumference in inches. You can refer to this measurement when ordering your knee brace in a specific size from small to extra large.

How Long Can I Wear/Use My Brace Each Day?

Many braces and supports are designed to be used whenever you need them for as long as you need them; however, it is recommended that you follow your doctors instructions for how long to wear a support during the day and over the course of weeks and months, and during which activities you should use the support. It is possible to become overreliant on certain kinds of orthopedic supports, such as back braces. By using a back brace all the time, you may risk weakening your back muscles or hindering the healing process after an injury, though there can be some cases where your doctor recommends wearing a brace 24 hours a day for a short while. Always check with your physician to see what is appropriate when considering a medical brace or support.