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Orthopedic Seat and Posture Cushions

If you have problems with your back, hip or leg pain, or sit for long periods, extra cushioning under and behind you can make all the difference. The ergonomic designs of orthopedic seat cushions fit the contours of your body. The additional support reduces pressure on your tender points. Chair cushions help you maintain a more comfortable body posture, and position, to care for your back and body long term. Seat cushions can also be beneficial during and after pregnancy and post-surgery.

Lumbar Roll Cushions

Lower back pain in the lumbar region is a common problem. Lumbar cushions offer support to the ‘small’ of your back, the lower part of your back that naturally curves in. The round tubular shape of orthopedic lumbar rolls and cushions helps you sit with the lower part of your spine in its natural position. Lumbar cushions often have straps to fit over a chair or car seat. Some full seat cushions have extra padding in the lumbar region combined with cushioning for other areas.

Coccyx Horseshoe Cushions

More commonly known as our ‘tailbone’, the coccyx is that bony bit at the bottom of your spine. If you have damaged your coccyx it can burn if you sit on a hard chair for too long, and bruise if you fall and land on it. Cushions designed to help with the coccyx are horseshoe shaped. They have a cutout area at the rear of the cushion to literally take the load off and help you sit with no added pressure to this area.

Ring Chair Cushions

Ring cushions are beneficial for many situations. Shaped like a doughnut, ring cushions are round with a hole in the middle. The hole in the centre of the cushion means spreads your weight evenly when you are sitting on a flat surface. Ring chair cushions help with haemorrhoids, inflamed prostates, after childbirth, and hip issues. They relieve pressure on your pelvis, back and coccyx regions.

Other Seat Cushions

Revolving or rotating seat posture cushionscan help with a mobility need to get off chairs or out of cars. Square, round and rectangular seat cushions are portable and handy for use at home, work, commuting, air travel and in wheelchairs.

Memory Foam Cushions

Most orthopaedic seat and posture cushions include one of the types of memory foam padding. Memory foam’s benefit is how it melds to your body shape but springs back to normal after use.