Orthopedic Wedges & Bed Positioners

Orthopedic Wedges Bed Positioners

Orthopedic products relieve a number of problems that occur in the bones and muscles of our bodies, and one of the most popular ways they can do this is with the use of wedges and bed positioners. These products correct your body’s position while in bed, where a lot of the damage happens, and also give the user a healthy and comfortable sleep.

Orthopedic Wedges

An orthopedic wedge is similar to a pillow, and you place it under certain parts of your body to alleviate symptoms and correct your body’s natural position. Orthopedic bed wedges and positioners are commonly made from memory foam as it allows for a firm but comfortable cushioning that can support your muscles and bones as required.

Bed Positioners

A quality bed positioner can go either at the foot or top of your bed, giving you the ideal angle to treat a range of ailments in your bones and muscles. These bed wedges and positioners fit underneath the mattress or a fitted sheet to create an angle and can be useful in treating problems like fatigue, oedema, hernia, respiratory difficulties, and more.

Neck and Back Pillows

Serving the most important area requiring orthopaedic supports, neck and back pillows are a popular choice. These pillows fit firmly behind your neck and back to give support as you sleep, and also aim to help correct problems that you might be having with your spine and posture. A quality neck and back pillow can replace your regular pillows for a more supportive sleep and they come in shapes like wedges, cylinders, and rectangles, depending on your needs.

Leg Pillows

Knee and leg pillows relieve pressure from your back and reduce swelling and other symptoms related to poor circulation. A leg pillow has a contoured space for your legs to rest and is useful for everything from pregnancy discomfort to prevention of pressure areas. By keeping your legs elevated and supported by quality memory foam, a leg pillow is an important orthopedic support product for all ages.