Other Aboriginal Art

Highlighting heritage with Aboriginal art

Dating back as far as 20,000 years ago when the first rock art was produced by Australias indigenous people, Aboriginal art is undeniably the oldest form of Australian art there is. There are many different types of Aboriginal art available on eBay which include reproduction, limited edition prints and original Aboriginal art which will offer a real wow factor to your homes interior scheme.

Indigenous art

Within all Aboriginal art movements, these indigenous artists paint cultural stories representing Aboriginal people and their culture. Each painting is often set against striking backdrops of colour or texture using symbols and depictions which can feature landscapes, animals, insects, bush tucker and flowers of Australia. Many artworks also include bark painting, cross-hatchings and dot paintings which all symbolise a distinct cultural identity and historical significance.

Original Aboriginal art

If youre looking for a standout piece of art to decorate your home many choices of original Aboriginal art can be found here on eBay, with authentic pieces available by modern-day painters either inspired or taught by Aboriginal artists. Characteristically bold in both style and colour, hues for Aboriginal art were originally sourced from local materials, using ochre or iron clay pigments to create red, yellow and white shades, with black provided by charcoal. Later, earthy shades such as sage green, smoky grey and mauve were to be introduced.

Contemporary Aboriginal art

Amongst some of the most popular artworks within Aboriginal art movements are its beautiful and striking contemporary paintings. Originating in the desert communities of Papunya Tula in the 70s, such pieces are typically abstract and vibrant in style. Reproduced on large-scale canvases, today contemporary Aboriginal art make striking feature paintings which are particularly suited to main living areas or foyers in apartment living and modern styled homes.