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Other Access Control Equipment

Enhance the prevention of theft, vandalism and damage to your business' tangible and intangible assets that access control equipment provides using other supplemental types of access control equipment, such as key fobs, radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and magnetic tag removers. As part of facility maintenance and safety equipment, which includes access control equipment and personal protective equipment, they keep your workplace secure and in good working order, in addition to preventing damage to equipment and injury to your workers.

What is Access Control?

Access control is a security system that either restricts access to, or provides authorisation to, a particular workplace equipment or location once it determines the person, or persons, who need approval, such as with fingerprint readers, closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, safes and bank accounts. It works in the following manner:

  • Restriction: Prevent entry into your workplace, home or even network by unauthorised personnel with restricted controls that require passwords, locked doors that need keys and even a guard.
  • Authorisation: Those with permissions get access, such as to your bank account if you're withdrawing at the cash machine, sharing files and documents with co-workers on a shared folder that they can only access with authorisation and smartphones that unlock your doors at home.
  • Other Access Control Equipment: This equipment can assist with, or enhance, the effectiveness of the above equipment, such as security stickers or warning stickers about video surveillance and tampering, wireless receivers for your listening device and reflective stickers on your ute that improve the visibility of your vehicle by other motorists so that they keep their distance in the dark.

What Are the Types of Access Control?

There are three main types of other access control systems, and each type differs in complexity and also cost.

  • Physical: This includes a security guard or a turnstile that act as physical deterrents to those without access, such as on doors and gates. These are easy on the pocket.
  • Mechanical: These include hardware, such as locks and keys.

Technological: This includes intruder detection systems on your network to provide security for your information, or a modem that gives you access to the network from anywhere in the world. These are costly and may range from simple control equipment to advanced.

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