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Other Alarm Parts and Accessories

Industrial alarm systems and accessories are important purchase considerations for effective facility maintenance. Safety and security are important responsibilities of management. They need to make sure that no outside threat like robbers and looters can enter the premises. Security controls should also be able to monitor what goes on inside the building to ensure that no threats like fire hazards or theft may originate from within the work zone or factory. In the case especially of large establishments or sites that house a lot of products and inventories, several interior and exterior industrial surveillance alarm equipment should be in place.

Seismic Detectors

These alarms provide 24-hour surveillance of your vault walls, safes and doors. You can find brands that have low-profile designs and many can fit even in tight areas. These can detect even cutting and drilling and will sound off when there is a change in the normal vibration that goes on in the room or area of coverage. Using switches, you have freedom to select sensitivity settings. Companies like Bosch Security sell these types of alarms.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors detect movement of objects and people. You can fit these in off-limits areas where nobody has any business going into. Motion sensors provide many features. When sensors pick up movement, alarms sound off. Many brands allow further notifications to your communication systems like mobile phones or computer systems. Some accessories wirelessly connect. Others need fitting to your doors for actual contact detection; they sound off when doors open. Some provide video recording capabilities. Video coverage auto-starts once it detects motion within the room.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are essential alarm accessories. It is important that the quantity you install grants full coverage of the establishment. Make sure to place them strategically and appropriately. Smoke detectors come in two types. You have ionisation smoke alarms that are more effective in detecting flaming fires. You also have photoelectric smoke alarms that are more effective in detecting smouldering fires or fires that start slow. Good quality fire alarm systems should be able to detect all kinds of fire at all times. It’s still best to have both of these types of detectors in your industrial or work zone.

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