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Got one to sell?

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Hitting the target with archery bows

Your mission is to find an archery bow you can count on to hit the target. Your destination is eBay, where you'll discover an impressive range of archery bows for both beginners and experienced archers to use indoors or outdoors. What about your dexterity? No problem, there are bows for right-handed, left-handed and even ambidextrous archery bows available online.

What are the best brands?

Check out leading equipment makers like TenXion, Hoyt, PSE, Mathews, Bowtech, Bear Factory and Martin Archery, or get yourself a basic unbranded bow if you're just trying out a new hobby on a limited budget.

Archery compound bows

A classic archery compound bow is the perfect place to start your archery career. If you're at entry level, look for a model with an adjustable draw weight such as 40-60lbs and a draw length between 27-29 inches. An quality archery bow should be strong and durable. For example, is it constructed from high-grade aluminium with injected moulded fiberglass limbs and nylon string? A full-length leather or vinyl arm guard offers every archer the safest possible shooting experience. Remember, archery can be dangerous if not performed carefully with appropriate equipment.

Archery longbows

Archery longbows generally come in draw weights between 25lbs and 60lbs. Some models allow you to change draw weight without taking the bow apart and swapping the limbs. Other features to consider are the sight, arrow rest, armguard and pre-installed finger saves on the bow string.

Archery recurve bows

Recurve archery bows tend to be suitable for both hunting and fishing games. They are lightweight, adaptable and relatively simple to assemble.

While you're searching for your next archery bow, pick up archery arrows and parts at eBay too.

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