Other Audio Electronics

Other Audio Electronics

Those looking for other audio electronics that will bring out good audio quality performance may get to select from a number of products online. Professionals looking to upgrade towards a better-faring equipment may get newer units of pro audio speakers and monitors to enhance the sound of their instruments during an event. For simple home or car music listening, there are good quality MP3 player audio docks and mini speakers that up the sound of your music to excellent levels.

Bose Sound System

Home movie or TV programme viewing can get major enhancements through simple sound system modifications. Check out the Bose Solo 5 TV sound system. This is a one-piece soundbar that betters the sound (especially the bass!) you hear as you watch and listen to your favourite TV show or primetime movie show, right in your living room. This TV system makes for clearer dialogues so you won't miss those important details of the conversations or news reports. With one piece of equipment, you can locate it anywhere. With Bluetooth capabilities, you can wirelessly stream music from your tablet or phone through the speaker. This weighs 1.69 kilogrammes and comes with a universal remote control for adjusting TV, Bluetooth connections, even your Blu-ray Disc player and gaming system! With one audio cable for connecting, setting up is quite simple.

Tivoli Audio System

Tivoli Audio gives you a number of products that enhance the audio quality of your music or video. One is Model One BT. You activate Bluetooth wireless streaming with an easy switch to Auxiliary position. Do your device pairings, and you're all set for hours of high-quality audio and video listening and viewing. This model comes with a built-in AM/FM radio tuner. This audio system also provides controls for easy adjustments and equalisation so you can get the right tone and clarity you desire. Although you have the convenience of going wireless, you can still plug in your headphones as you prefer. Tivoli Audio Model One BT can cover a minimum of nine metres of reception range. It is available in wood veneer cabinet of walnut/beige, white/silver, cherry/silver, black ash/silver and black ash/black-silver finishing.