Other Automotive Diagnostic Service Tools

DIY engine diagnosis

With more sensors than ever present in modern cars, diagnostic code readers and scan tools have never been more important and useful when addressing mechanical faults and checking the health of your vehicle's engine, mechanical and safety systems.

DIY Holden owners and mechanics alike can take advantage of the many Holden scan tools available on eBay, including OBD1 and OBD2 scan tools for both connector types. This once expensive technology is now available for less than $100, whilst more advanced users and workshops might like to consider some of the more expensive models that offer all the bells and whistles, including multi-vehicle diagnosis, live data streaming and ECU/chip reprogramming.

Mechanical workshops and dealers will often charge you just to hook your car up to a scanning tool and tell you what's wrong with it - for the everyday consumer or DIY mechanic, investing in a scan tool can represent a significant saving over time by doing this process yourself. Home mechanics will enjoy the ability to clear fault codes and service interval reminders from their vehicle's multi-function display, a technology that now appears widely in even base model cars.

Smart phone scanners

Now you can diagnose faults with a few swipes of your iPhone or Android, thanks to OBD2 WIFI and Bluetooth adaptors, which sync the engine data with an app on your smart phone. Know straight away what the flashing lights on the dash mean or if your ABS and SRS systems are functioning 100%. Simply connect the adaptor to your OBD port - usually located in the driver footwell with the interior fusebox, or in the engine bay - fire up the app and Bluetooth or WIFI, then search for the adaptor, which you can leave permanently connected to the OBD port.

Don't forget the battery

Few scan tools offer battery testing abilities on par with proper automotive battery testers, which you'll find on eBay along with a host of other scan tools and diagnostic tools to suit most makes and models.