Other Baby Dishes

Baby Cups, Bowls, and Utensils

Children have specific needs when it comes to feeding equipment. Manufacturers do their best to comply to international safety standards so that children, especially newborns up to two years old, can eat safely using proper utensils designed specifically for them.

Baby Food

Baby food comes in one simple form – liquidised. Mothers choose to either breastfeed their baby until they are older or they substitute milk for manufactured or home cooked baby food. The latter requires proper utensils like baby bowls made from high quality materials, which should be BPA-free. Once they can manage it, babies or young toddlers can start eating from spoons designed for their small mouths.

Baby Utensils

When shopping for utensils, there are a few staple items that need to be in your kitchen. First is the baby bowl. You will be using this while your child is still incapable of holding a spoon. Once they learn how to, you can teach them how to eat from the bowl and slowly move them up to baby plates. Spoons and forks are usually made out of plastic and must not have any sharp corners. Ensure that the utensils, such as Gyro bowls, cups, dishes, and utensils are made from high quality materials as well.

Other Baby Kitchen Items

Apart from utensils, you can equip your kitchen and your pantry with the right equipment and supplies to make or serve your child’s food. You may need a booster chair so they can start learning how to sit at the dining table. Let’s not forget their bibs. Mums and dads can also invest in a food processor so they can make their own food instead of buying baby food from the store.

Feeding Your Baby

Once the baby has started weaning away, most parents will have a hard time trying to feed them using baby utensils. This is normal and the baby will soon get used to the idea of using baby utensils. This may be possible if you buy ones that are colourful and interesting. Babies respond to colour, sound, and texture. Take those into consideration when shopping for baby cups, dishes, and utensils.