Other Baby Feeding Supplies

Baby Feeding Supplies   

Whether you’re breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or are transitioning to solid food, both mum and baby need a few supplies.   

Supplies for Starting Solids   

Switching from liquid to solids can be a tough journey. For mums who decided to make their own solid food at home, reusable food pouches are a smart idea for baby food containers. Simply make the baby food, pour and seal. When the baby is finished, just wash the pouches. Small-sized spoons and forks with rubber insulation also work well for transitioning.    

Breastfeeding Supplies   

Mums can always use a little more comfort when nursing. Look for nursing pads that fit snugly in bras to prevent leakage in between feedings, as well as pumping supplies, like reusable bags and nursing bottles. Having an extra set of breast pump parts on hand is also a good choice.    

Other Baby Feeding Necessities   

Other items you may want to have around the house during the stages of feeding include fun-shaped ice trays for popsicles in the summer, bite-and-chew straws so the baby learns how to use a straw, baby food making electrics and a high chair. Baby soothers, newborn pacifier, teething dummy and insulated bags for bottles, ice packs and food are also needed.