Other Baby Furniture

Baby furniture for the perfect nursery

When it comes to decorating a baby's room, or buying nursery furniture and accessories for your new arrival, the wide range of baby furniture on offer will be sure to leave you spoiled for choice.

If you're looking for the all-important basics such as a cot, crib, or bassinet, a pram or stroller, or a chest or dresser to store the essentials, there's a huge range of nursery furniture to keep you and baby happy. With furniture is a range of colours and styles, it's easy to pick pieces for your nursery that easily fit with your design.

Cots, cribs, and bassinets

Choosing the right place for your baby to sleep is one of the most important decisions when buying furniture. Choose from a wide range of available designs, from straightforward to luxurious. Many cots and bassinets come with a mattress, but you can also pick your own if you wish. Cot nets will also keep your baby's sleep comfortable by keeping out flying insects.

Changing tables

Practical, space saving, and with built in storage drawers, changing tables are a great nursery addition. For a simple solution to limited space, consider a changing mat, and pop it down anywhere to create a safe, hygienic nappy changing space.

Rocking chairs

Because mums need a little bit of luxury too, why not consider a rocking chair. Night feeds can be hard work, but a rocking chair will help to keep you both supported in a safe and comfortable position, and with the range of designs available, you're bound to find one to fit your nursery decor.

Storage solutions

Drawers, bookshelves, and chests make great storage solutions for clothes, nappies, bedding, books, and, of course, toys. The things you accrue when there's a baby in the house is almost always disproportionate to the size of the person, so check out the varied range of storage ideas to make sure you don't run out of space.