Other Baby Proofing Essentials

A safe, bouncing baby thanks to baby proofing essentials

There’s no need to remain on constant watch to ensure your baby is safe and secure. Of course, you want to spend as much time with your child as possible, but nonstop vigilance is not only draining and stressful, frankly, it’s impossible. Take the time now to ensure your home is babyproof and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and hassle when baby starts to explore the world around them. And with the extensive range of baby proofing essentialsavailable right here on eBay, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of home to get a head start.

Tips for baby proofing your home

The things you need to look out for as hazards in your home depend on the stage your baby is currently at. Crawlers require different strategies to babies who can pull themselves up to standing, who require different strategies again to those that are walking. For crawlers, the main things to focus on are power points and power board safety covers, baby gates and pens, edge covers for pointed furniture, baby safety locks or latches for easily opened cabinets, and specific safety measures taken for pools, fireplaces, and the oven if it happens to be set low to the ground and hot to the touch. For babies who can pull themselves into a standing position, you’ll also want to ensure your toilet, bath tub, and windows are secure, that you’ve secured any furniture to the wall that could potentially be pulled over like a low TV or bookshelf, and that you’ve taken care of any potential falling hazards and sharp corners. For babies that are zipping around on their own two feet, you’ll need to consider locks for drawers and cupboards, and covers for any low door handles that pose a safety risk.

There’s nothing to fear for you or baby thanks to the great range of other baby proofing essentials available right here on eBay. Keep your sanity and your family safe with a few simple tricks and tools up your sleeve.