Baby Toys for 0 to 12 Months   

Just like older children, babies need toys for the first year of life to help encourage a love of learning and for exploring the world around them. Different infant toys work better for different milestones.    

Toys for the First Three Months   

Look for red, white, and black newborn baby toys for the first three months of baby’s developing eyes. These three colours are very simple toys for a 3-month old, and are easy for baby to focus on. Look for rattles, soft books and plushies in these primary colours.    

Toys for Growing Baby   

A growing baby from 3 to 9 months old may be teething, so teething toys are a great choice. Look for safe, PBA-free options that pose no choking hazards. At this stage, baby may also enjoy a rattle or a mobile to play with.   

Toys for the Older Baby   

For the second half of the first year, or toys for the 9-month old, you can begin to introduce stacking toys, shape sorters, books and toys with music to develop baby’s growing motor skills, both fine and gross. Teething toys will likely continue to be a necessity. Soft and wooden blocks can also be introduced now.