Other Bakeware & Ovenware

Find the tools to enhance your culinary capability with bakeware and ovenware

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and whether you believe that or not, bakeware and ovenware is an essential part of any cooking setup. If you have just redone your kitchen and are ready to stock your shelves, or you are looking to replace some items that have been sat on the shelf for that little bit too long, eBay’s collection of bakeware and ovenware online is a great place to start.

Types of ovenware and bakeware

From foil trays to baking mats, loaf tins to cake pans – if you're looking to bring out your inner chef, you first need the right utensils. It could be that you're thinking of making some muffins to take to work, or you're after a pizza baking stone to show off your pizza-making prowess. Or you may be after something a little different, like silicone moulds to make dinosaur chocolates, or roasting pans so you can cook up a Sunday feast. Whatever the case may be, you’ll find plenty of helpful kitchen equipment online every day on eBay.

You'll find a range of brands online, including Pyrex, Masterclass, Wilton and Corningware.

Choosing the right overware and bakeware material

When shopping for ovenware and bakeware, the material is an important factor, as this will affect all basic properties of your experience, including suitability for the microwave, oven or freezer. It also determines the ability to handle temperature fluctuations and heat conduction, as well as maintenance.

Baking sheets and Swiss roll tins are generally made of heavy-gauge steel or anodised aluminium that conducts heat well and doesn't warp or bend out of shape.

Braising pans and casserole dishes are available in a range of sizes and are usually made from a heavy metal, so heat and moisture are retained during the cooking process.

Meanwhile, silicone is increasing in popularity for a range of items, simply because it's easy to use and wash, stain-resistant and doesn't retain odours or colours.

Have some fun and let your culinary voyage begin. Browse the full selection of bakeware and ovenware online on eBay and unleash your inner chef.