Other Baseball & Softball Bats

Other Baseball & Softball Bats

Baseball and softball are great summer sports to play that teach teamwork, patience and sportsmanship. One of the most important pieces of equipment you need is a good bat. 

What Materials are Baseball & Softball Bats Made From?

Almost all baseball bats and softball bats use either metal or wood. The metal is usually an aluminium alloy and wood is either maple, hickory or bamboo. Some bats will have a rubber grip for easy handling. You can also find unbreakable bats using heavy grade polypropylene, which wont break no matter how hard you swing them. 

Are there Youth Baseball Bats?

For younger players, you can find shorter and lighter bats, which are great for starting out in the sport. They can then progress to an adult size bat when they are more experienced and are able to handle the bigger weight and size. 

What Other Baseball & Softball Gear Can I Find?

Along with buying a new baseball bat or softball bat, you can also find the following equipment:

  • Baseball gloves
  • Softball bags 
  • Mitts and gloves
  • Baseballs and softballs
  • Baseball caps