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All the bird supplies you could wish for

Birds and chickens make wonderful, entertaining family pets. Many even help pay for their keep by producing delicious fresh eggs too! Make sure you keep your feathered friend healthy and happy with the many supplies for them available right now on eBay.

Chicken incubators

Sometimes mother nature needs a helping hand and chicken incubators are ideal for making sure eggs are kept at the perfect constant temperature ready to hatch successfully. Made from durable, non-toxic material, many incubators come with an automatic turner, cooling and ventilation system.

They also have transparent lids so you can keep an eye on your eggs and as soon as they start to hatch you'll be the first to know! Chicken incubators are also generally suitable for duck and quail eggs too.

Bird harnesses

Give your bird a little time away from their cage without the worry of them flying off with a specially designed bird harness. Perfect for birds like parrots and cockatiels who love to explore, these harnesses come in a wide variety of sizes and designs so it's important to choose the right one.

For much larger birds like eagles or falcons, bird harnesses are ideal when paired with an anti-biting training leash so they can fly free without coming to any harm.

Nesting boxes

Whether you're looking for a new home for a feathered friend you've already got at home, or you'd simply like to attract some wild ones to your garden, why not choose from the stunning range of nesting boxes available right here on eBay.

There's a fun array to consider, from elaborate larger designs to freestanding chicken boxes to small window boxes. Made from treated wood, these cute boxes are long-lasting, safe, and blend in beautifully with natural garden or farmyard surroundings.

Bird accessories

There are a huge range of bird supplies to consider, from bird feeders, treats, food, bird cages, perches to toys. All these bird-friendly supplies make for a happy, healthy pet.